Fortuity 89


Discovery Harbour retains 106 mineral claims following the exploration program conducted by Newcrest Resources Inc.

In 2021, Discovery Harbour optioned the property to Newcrest which carried out a multi-phased exploration program including magnetic, gravity and audio band magetotelluric geophysical surveys, mapping and alteration studies, soil geochemical surveys, mapping and alteration studies, soil geochemical sampling and reverse circulation drilling. The drilling was unseccessful in intersecting significant gold and Discovery Harbour returned a portion of the original Fortuity 89 property to the underlying vendors.

Discovery Harbour has retained Fortuity 89 claims for future exploration, subject to other opportunities it is considering.

Location and Property Description

Discovery Harbour holds the early stage epithermal gold Fortuity 89 property, which covers close to 9 square kilometres. Fortuity 89 is located in a well mineralized area of southwestern Nevada with various mines and deposits in the Walker Lane and Northhumberland Gold Trends.

Fortuity 89 is in a large gravel plain. Limited outcrop nearby is strongly altered and other indications are consistent with the area being very high in a potentially gold bearing epithermal system.  The previous drilling was east of the current Fortuity 89 property.

Evidence supporting this includes the alteration signature of the limited outdrop, the presence of reed fragments, which indicates that this outcrop in on a paleosurface with the epithermal system preserved below, and opaline silica.

Fortuity 89 Drilling

Previous drilling by Newcrest Resources in 2022, alluvial plain overlying current Fortuity 89 property.
Fossilized wood fragment from outcrop east of current property, indicative paleosurface and preserved epithermal system.
Sinter from outcrop east of current property, indicative of paleosurface and preserved epithermal system.

Reed cast outcrop east of current property, indicative of paleosurface.
Mark Baknes (consultant) beside hydrothermally brecciated outcrop east of current property with extensive gravel plain over current claims in background.
Layered chalcedony outcropping east of current property.
Extensive gravel plain, including current Fortuity 89 property. Newcrest's exploration program of mapping and geophysics was designed to evaluate the limited outcrop and provide interpreted extrapolations of the geological and structural mineralization controls, which are prospective for concealed low sulphidation epithermal gold mineralization below the shallow unconsolidated alluvial gravels.